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When your air conditioner breaks, you want fast, dependable service. You can count on the professionals at Walk -in Cooler Repair Queens Services to deliver reliable and trustworthy air conditioning repair in NYC and Queens. With more than 22 years of experience, we are experts when it comes to AC repairs.

Whether you need residential or commercial repairs, you never have to worry when you choose Walk In Cooler Repair Queens as your air conditioning repair company. We provide a number of services that offer assurance that we are air conditioning experts:

24-hour coverage, even on weekends and holidays
Fully stocked service vehicles so most repairs can be completed on the initial visit
Quality replacement parts
NATE-certified technicians qualified to repair all brands of cooling equipment
Cutting-edge diagnostic equipment  

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Heat pumps heat and cool differently than furnaces and central air conditioners, so homeowners lacking experience with them may not understand how they work. Likewise, inexperienced homeowners may have some confusion distinguishing normal operation from actual heat pump issues. The following are some typical situations that arise with heat pumps that will distinguish between what’s normal and what needs attention. No power – More often than you might think, the problem with the heat pump can be resolved by turning the “on” switch or resetting the circuit breaker. If neither fixes the power issue and you’re sure you have power in your house, call an HVAC technician. Loud noises – Heat pumps make some strange noises, including hums, buzzing and pressure relief noises. If you hear scraping, banging, vibrating or clattering from the indoor or outdoor part of the heat pump, it may be a broken or unbalanced fan blade.

Ice on the heat pump – It’s normal to find a bit of frost on the heat pump’s condenser coil. This happens when the warm refrigerant in the coil meets colder temperatures and the dew point of the air is such that condensation occurs.The condensation can freeze, and when it does, a sensor should tell the heat pump to go into cooling mode to defrost the coil. Wrong refrigerant charge and malfunctions with the sensor, thermostat, motor fan or reversing valve can cause the defrost cycle to fail, resulting in the heat pump being encased in ice. Steam from the heat pump – It’s normal to see a white vapor from the outdoor heat pump unit when the defrost cycle is working properly.

Auxiliary light won’t shut off – This light comes on when the unit is defrosting. The heat pump goes into auxiliary heating mode when the temperature outside is less than 35 degrees, and the auxiliary heating light comes on. If it’s on too long a time, there’s likely a malfunction.


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